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The toast of London is about to get burned. Priscilla Tate, most celebrated debutante of 1815 London, is determined to make a brilliant match to save the family fortunes. She’s well on her way to wringing a proposal out of the Season’s most eligible bachelor, the Duke of Rottenford, when blackmail notes start arriving, threatening to expose a dark secret unless she ceasesThe toast of London is about to get burned. Priscilla Tate, most celebrated debutante of 1815 London, is determined to make a brilliant match to save the family fortunes. She’s well on her way to wringing a proposal out of the Season’s most eligible bachelor, the Duke of Rottenford, when blackmail notes start arriving, threatening to expose a dark secret unless she ceases her pursuit. It’s up to her dear friends, Lady Emily Southwell and Ariadne and Daphne Courdebas, to help her uncover the mastermind before disaster strikes. But more than one secret is waiting to be revealed, not the least of which is Priscilla’s growing feelings for a most unlikely ally, Nathan Kent, the duke’s personal secretary. But will Nathan, no, no, the duke, understand if her secret should be revealed? This clean romantic mystery set in the Regency period features kisses only....

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Ballrooms and Blackmail Reviews

  • Lynda Edwards
    2019-01-26 05:36

    This third book in the series has Priscilla Tate assuming the lead. I did not care much for her in the first book, only slightly more in the next, but perhaps her growth in those earlier novels helped me to really enjoy this novel and her transformation from fortune hunter to true heroine. Priscilla’s various skills to make her attractive on the marriage market surprised me with their variety and even depth; it isn’t merely dressing in a fashionable manner or knowing the rules of society. Her loyalty to her friends and self-sacrificing attitude in regards to her family makes her much more sympathetic than she had been in the previous novels, and her often demonstrated strength through almost militaristic speeches and the similarities between battles and the social whirl of the Season give her the backbone I couldn’t see earlier. Not unlike many who have watched countless period adaptations, I tend to romanticize the era, but in this book we see the enormous pressures brought to bear by family members who hang all of their hopes for the future on their daughter's marriage. It is by no means a relaxing or romantic time, the Season—too much is at stake. Priscilla finds herself caught between using all of the skills her aunt taught her to snare a rich husband and wanting to be who she truly is and to marry the man who loves her for herself. That gives the romance a hefty dose of tension, making it the best so far in the series. There are many really sweet, sigh-worthy moments that build to a climax and impossible situation: what Priscilla thought she wanted is in direct opposition to her newfound desires.There are several enjoyable events in this novel that I associate with the period—a masquerade ball with an announcement at midnight and a gothic graveyard tour in the evening are just two. And the humor in this book makes it a more lighthearted read; I loved Nathan’s dry sense of humor and the often awkward situations his position of personal secretary to his cousin puts him in, mostly because he is acutely aware of the flaws in the man he serves. I have enjoyed each the Lady Emily Capers, but this third installment is the best so far! I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy a clean Regency romance with touches of mystery and several unexpected twists.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for this honest review. All of the opinions expressed are my own.

  • Brittany
    2019-01-19 04:35

    I’m having such a fun time reading through the Lady Emily Capers series by Regina Scott. Ballrooms and Blackmail is the third book in the series and an excellent addition! I know that when I pick up one of these books I am going to enjoy witty characters, a hint of danger, and an entertaining mystery all wrapped up in a clean regency romance. It is a great combination.Ballrooms and Blackmail is definitely Priscilla’s time to shine. I loved getting to know more about her. She was a character that I really did not like in the first book. What an eye opener to see how she has changed since book one, yet also learn more about who the woman behind the flirtatious ways really is. I liked catching up with Daphne and Ariadne, as well as getting a peek at how the romance is faring between Emily and Jamie. Nathan Kent and the Duke of Rottenford both add a lot to the story, as well. The mystery was a fun one to follow throughout the novel and I enjoyed the big reveal towards the end. I’m looking forward to reading book four in the series.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.You can read this review on my blog at:https://brittreadsfiction.wordpress.c...

  • Claudia Stone
    2019-01-23 03:39

    A wonderful novel, full of humour and shennanigans. My favourite kind of Regency Romp! Regina Scott writes brilliant characters and her dialogue is always sparkling. I would recommend to all.

  • QNPoohBear
    2019-01-30 08:27

    Priscilla Tate enjoyed her stunning debut with her friends Lady Emily Southwall and Daphne and Ariadne Courdebas. She's even received 6 offers of marriage - all of which she had to turn down. She would have been happy to marry any one of them. She didn't love them but hoped her feelings would grow with time. However, none of them met with her parents' approval. With family connections to trade and no money, Priscilla has to make a brilliant match. She has her sights set on the young Duke of Rottenford. When she finds a threatening note in her pocket, promising to reveal her secret if she pursues the duke, Priscilla is terrified. If her family's dark secret is learned, she's afraid she'll end up in the poorhouse or as an indentured servant in America. She's determined not to let her family fall and turns to Emily for help. What she doesn't know is that the Duke, formerly a younger son, is a ninnyhammer and is bear led by his cousin Nathan Kent, who acts as rhe Duke's personal secretary. Nathan knows Priscilla is a fortune hunter and is determined to keep his cousin from marrying the wrong person. The Family will not like it. Nathan is determined to investigate Priscilla and find something that will keep her from marrying his cousin. This is a cute young adult/new adult/traditional/sweet Regency. I've read the other books in the series but it actually helps if you have not read Art and Artifice because then you don't know Priscilla's big seecret. If you haven't read the secomd book or Ls Petite Four you can still read this as a stand alone. (It's also related to several other stories by connection of The Barnsley School). The situation in the previous book is explained so reader beware of spoilers! The plot is entirely predictable but I enjoyed it anyway. I couldn't put it down because I had to know HOW the characters would solve the mystery and end up with their happily ever after. The writing is good and reads like one of Regina Scott's old traditional Regencies.Each one of the girls has a distinct personality and readers will find one or more to relate to. I did not like Priscilla at all in Art and Artifice and don't remember her from La Petite Four, but she has grown up a lot in the last few weeks since the events of Art and Artifice. She's a fortune hunter out of necessity and feels intense pressure from her family. She knows how to flirt and simper and catch a man, but she knows what she's doing is wrong and would prefer to follow her heart to true love wherever that may be. She's a sympathetic character but still a bit difficult to really love. Lady Emily is the Regency equivalent of a goth girl and Daphne is the tomboy. Ariadne is the one I relate to the most and this book contains a preview of her story coming Spring 2015. There's one more female in the story: the Duke's cousin Glynnis, the designiated poor relation. She's a complex character. She appears to be shy and quiet but has hidden depths. I actually figured her out right away. The male characters don't quite fare as well as the female. The Duke is neither attractive nor intelligent but he seems like a nice young man. He knows his duty to his family but also knows what he likes and dislikes and is willing to follow his own heart. Nathan is complicated. He's shrewed and at first I really didn't like him. He grew on me though as I learned more about him and got to see the story through his eyes. I recommend this book to fans of the genre, especially young fans just starting to read Regency romances and those who struggle with period language.

  • Judy
    2019-01-20 10:47

    Ballrooms and Blackmail by Regina ScottLady Emily Capers Series Book ThreePriscilla Tate had everything going for her as far as beautiful hair, eyes, and a perfect body. Her aunt Sylvia had taught her well how to use all of the above to her advantage...and she did. Too bad Aunt Sylvia went crazy and now Priscilla needs to marry for money to help her parents...rather than love for herself. What else can she do but aim her sights on a duke?Nathan Kent was elected by relatives to watch over his distant cousin Percy. Now that the man had become a duke, he needed guidance. A lot of guidance. Nathan needed to find the perfect woman for his cousin to marry. One who could keep the truth about the duke to herself and help him as well. Perhaps the fortune hunter would be a good duchess but Nathan didn't want her marrying the duke.This is a great series. Romance, humor, mystery, and secrets. Priscilla, Emily, Daphne, and Ariadne have come together once again to put their skills together to find the culprit who is blackmailing Priscilla. The ongoing story of Emily and Jamie Cropper continues as well.

  • Kristy Halseth
    2019-02-14 05:34

    I'm not sure if these books are that short or that I am that interested that I read them that fast. I know that I have trouble putting them down. Priscilla's family is far more destitute than anyone realizes. They were supported by her aunt who snapped and went insane in book one. She is pretty good at hiding their poverty by using old clothing, buying from the rag sellers, and even taking a hat from the neighbor's trash and separating the parts of the clothing mixing them up, and sewing new outfits out of them. Her mother is cooking and they have one all purpose servant for work they can't manage themselves.She needs to marry well to support her parents and settles on a duke who seems suitable. Then the blackmail starts. She, her rival, and the duke are getting letters. Although the duke doesn't know this as his secretary, Nick, finds the note. This mystery gets more complicated as there is more than one person acting against them. Emily and James work on their issues as Priscilla and Nick get closer. They, with Daphne and Ariadne, determine all the people who have muddled the investigation the stage is set for the next book.

  • Britney
    2019-01-31 09:27

    The capers continue in this witty tale of mystery and romance! Regina Scott paints a vivid picture of the Regency period, and I delighted in Priscilla and Nathan’s story. Ballrooms and Blackmail is full of charm and a recommended read for fans of Regency romance with a dash of intrigue. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

  • Melody
    2019-02-19 03:35

    I did not care for this character in book one, but my book two she had won me over, and I loved this story! The book is utterly charming, and really makes me grateful not to have lived through this period of time! I enjoy reading about it, however! I love it when there can be a match made of love.