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Noted psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore explains how to detect spirit possession in yourself and others, how to protect yourself from entities, how to release your home from displaced spirits, and how to perform a depossession. Filled with shocking case histories....

Title : The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession
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The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession Reviews

  • Tim Malone
    2019-01-30 06:37

    I have mentioned this book in several of my posts over the past year or two but only recently did I give it a thorough reading. It’s an old book so this is certainly not the first review. Oh, and by the way, this is not about the episode of the same name from Doctor Who, the British Science-Fiction television series. I think the title of the book was a good choice. It gets your attention.It was published in 1987 and is Dr. Fiore’s second book. I reviewed her first, You Have Been Here Before in a previous post. Most Amazon and Goodreads reviewers gave it four or five stars. If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Fiore, this YouTube video is a good introduction. It brings home the point that many LDS find objectionable right up front – where dead people go.Some Spirits Hang AroundWe have been taught in the LDS Church that there are two places for the spirit to go when it dies – either to the light of paradise or to the darkness of spirit prison. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Fiore has helped thousands of people deal with spirit attachments or possessions. You can learn more in this additional video excerpt from Dr. Fiore discussing how spirits can hang around.My point is that there are some spirits who do not go to the light or to spirit prison when they die. Yes, we’re talking about ghosts here. Yes, I’m saying that I believe in ghosts. And yes, I have some personal experience in this area. I have shared that experience previously in private email for those who ask. I don’t mind if you don’t believe. I’m OK with that. I barely believe it myself.Multiple Mortal ProbationsIn my review of Dr. Fiore’s first book which deals with Multiple Mortal Probations, I mentioned an alternative explanation for the evidence of reincarnation she presented. Of course the evidence was in transcribed recorded sessions of her patients under hypnosis. They were able to describe specific activities, sights, sounds and smells from someone living in a different place and time.In other words, her patients related that they had lived before and provided incredible detailed descriptions of what happened to them in that previous life, which affected them in their current life. My alternative explanation is that the past lives being described were not from the patients but from spirits who had attached themselves to these patients. Her second book bears this out.Man is More than a BodyThe whole idea of spirit attachments or possession is freaky to most people. They simply don’t want to deal with it. Because this concept explains so much, it receives a lot of opposition. Our culture mocks those who believe in ghosts. That’s OK. It’s wonderful to find someone like Dr. Fiore who has shared professional clinical cases documenting the truth of this very radical idea.I say it’s radical, but only to our modern, enlightened way of thinking. The influence of beings from the unseen world is an idea that has been around since the beginning of recorded history. The argument of just what comprises the soul of man continues unabated to this day. I found that most philosophers in my college philosophy classes could not agree on man as more than a body.Different Kinds of PossessionThe Unquiet Dead presents clinical case studies of these spirits communicating with Dr. Fiore while their hosts, her patients, were under hypnotic trance. The patients came to her seeking help with some problem that defied customary medical or psychological treatment. Dr. Fiore is a professional hypnotherapist who has found tremendous success in treating spirit possession.Dr. Fiore is very clear that she doesn’t deal with demonic or satanic possession. That’s a whole different area best left to those who have studied, prepared for and specialize in treating disorders of this kind. If you are not sure of the difference, I’ll refer you the definitive handbook on the subject from my friend Doug Mendenhall. I previously reviewed his book Conquering Spiritual Evil.The Effects of PossessionThe Unquiet Dead is kind of a self-help book in that it guides the reader to a better understanding of recognizing spiritual possession by their effects on the body. In chapter six she discusses some of the physical symptoms, mental problems, emotional problems, drug and alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, weight and obesity problems, relationship problems and sexual problems.The degree of possession can range from nearly total, in which case the original inhabitant is almost completely replaced, to a very minor influence. She also addresses the very important factor of age when possessed and the effect of possession by spirits of the opposite sex. Now I know this gets into a very politically sensitive area right now so I’ll try to tread upon it lightly.Dealing With Same-Sex AttractionI’d like to share a couple of fascinating quotes in Dr. Fiore’s book on this subject. The first is found on page 36. “Entities of the opposite sex are the cause of a great deal of confusion about sexual identity. Homosexuality, transsexuality and transvestism are the extreme results of this kind of possession.” This will be welcome news to some people but I know it will anger others.She offers this on page 43: “One of the causes of homosexuality is possession by spirits of the opposite sex. If the possession began before puberty, heterosexual development often was disrupted and the afflicted grew up believing they desired sexual partners of the same sex, when it was the entities who were determining their choices.” This idea makes perfect sense to me.Results of Opposite Sex Attachments“Sexual hang-ups are part of the repertory many entities bring with them. Their own problems or proclivities manifest themselves when the possessed engage in sex. At one extreme, their host may even be prevented from approaching their partners.” A spirit attachment of the opposite sex can explain diminished sex drive or a reversal in typical male-female relationships.She continues, “Every homosexual patient I have done a depossession on has had at least one exceedingly dominating entity of the opposite sex who was determining the sexual preference. Often these patients told of feeling they were ‘trapped’ in bodies of the wrong sex.” I know this is not something the gay community wants to hear, but is helpful for those who are questioning.Wait to Have That Sex Change“Some of these people were considering irreversible transsexual operations because of the spirit’s desperate attempt to make the possessee’s body as much like the deceased one as possible.” Can you imagine the devastating effect it would be on someone who went to the trouble and expense of a sex-change operation to later discover they had a spirit attachment?The effect of being possessed by a spirit of the opposite sex can explain why some men feel a desire to dress up as women. “I have treated a number of transvestites, all with possessing spirits of the opposite sex. It was they who bought the clothes and dressed up to suit their fancy, much to the confusion and embarrassment of their victims.” Again, this makes perfect sense to me.More Than One WitnessDr. Modi, on page 270 of her 1997 book, Remarkable Healings, confirms the findings of Dr. Fiore: “In some of my patients, possession by an entity of the opposite sex has caused confusion in their sexual identity, especially when the possession occurred before puberty.” There are so many young people who could benefit from knowing this information. It would be so helpful.Dr. Modi continues, “A female spirit in a man may desire sex with a man, and this desire and attraction may in turn become the desire of the male host toward another male. The host may think he is a homosexual, when in fact he is only acting on the spirit’s desire.” The gay community has tried to debunk these quotes but they’re helpful for those who don’t want same-sex attraction.And Yet Another WitnessIn Conquering Spiritual Evil, Doug Mendenhall, whose daughter is spiritually sighted, meaning she has lost her veil and can see spirit of all kinds, including those who are attached to others, shares additional evidence that spirit attachments are the real cause of same-sex attraction. You can read more about Denise from books published by her father on his site, Publishing Hope.“When I meet people who claim to be gay, I ask my daughter what she sees in them. There has never been an occasion where she did not see one or more earthbound female spirits attached to a gay man and has always seen earthbound male spirits attached to a gay woman.” I have always thought this to be the case and have wondered why so many fight against the truth of this idea.A Final Witness of This TruthMy friend Mel Fish in his book, Healing the Inner Self addresses this subject on pages 191 to 194. He provides specific examples of individuals who came to him for help after dramatic and undesired changes in their attitudes toward sex. He made it clear that he was only able to help people who wanted help. If they did not want to change, there was nothing he could do for them.He wrote that he had no desire to force people into a heterosexual lifestyle if they did not want one. His only desire was to help those were experiencing unwanted same-sex preferences to come to an understanding of the source of the problem and remove it if they wanted to. If the person believed they were gay and had no desire to change then he could not help them.Sexual Preference can be TestedMel uses muscle testing to determine sexual preference. He uses a scale that places a person who is completely heterosexual at a zero. Such a person could not be sexually aroused by anyone of the same sex. A person who is completely the opposite and cannot be aroused by anyone of the opposite sex is a six. He has never found a person who measured either a zero or a complete six.He says most people test out at a one or two. Every one of the people who tested at a five had with them spirits who were of the opposite sex. After sending those spirits away, every one of these people changed from a five to a one or two. The whole point here is that there is a way to be “cured” for those who don’t want to experience same-sex attraction. Removing spirit attachments helps.An Important but Controversial SubjectNow I know this is a controversial subject. I wrote about this once before and received all kinds of negative comments and denials that unwanted same-sex attraction could be removed. One regular reader commented that he was “pretty sure this will be in the running for this week’s least politically correct Bloggernacle post.” It’s been five years. I wonder if things have changed.We live in a day of testing in our church. Those who are pushing the homosexual tolerance and equality agenda will not be pleased with this essay. As I noted on my previous essay, I did not write it for them. I wrote this because the Lord asked me to. He wants those who have unwanted same sex attraction to know that there is an explanation and a way to remove those feelings.An Invitation to DialogueComments are welcome. I love and appreciate opposing viewpoints. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I know this is a sensitive matter in the church right now, one that is separating many families and members of all age groups. Please don’t attack each other personally. If you want to email me privately, I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks for reading.Source:

  • Andrea Tackett
    2019-02-18 09:34

    I find Fiore's work incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. Her spiritual worldview comes across as disturbingly weak, deeply rooted in her own admission that she is not sure she believes in any of the concepts she impresses on patients in these "depossessions."This book is filled with perceptions of which Fiore herself repeatedly states she is not convinced. In her own words:"Please remember that even I, after thousands of depossessions, am still not one hundred percent convinced of the existence of spirits. But it works!""After all the years I've worked with spirits… I'm still not one hundred percent convinced that they are not figments of the imagination. As a therapist, the question is moot – the therapy works.""Fortunately, neither the therapist nor patient needs to believe in spirits or possession for it to work.""I have struggled with my fear of implanting suggestions of possession when I was not even sure there was such a condition."Although unsure if she believes in them, Fiore states that the possessing spirits are the real target of her therapy, not the person they are possessing. I found this quote regarding the depossession of a stubborn spirit particularly disturbing:"You can ask for spirit doctors or nurses to give sedation or tranquilizing shots."In at least two stated cases she claimed to be aware of "love the ones" who had come to lead the possessing spirit to the spirit world. She even stated their relationship to the possessing spirit. Where and how would she get such information as the possessing spirit nor the possessed person mentioned anything about these others?She states that Hell does not exist. It most certainly does.Although she repeatedly acknowledges that she is undecided on the subject of reincarnation (but constantly mentions it in regard to depossessions and wrote another book on it), because several of her patients believe in it, she uses it in almost every suggestion to encourage possessing spirits to move into the spirit world, supposedly to go to another life.She instructs to call on Jesus or any religious figure you like. When dealing with demonic spirits, one had better call only on the name of Jesus, before whom "every knee will bow and every tongue confess" (Isaiah 45:23; Romans 14:11). Demons do not acknowledge religious figures – who are simply deceased people with no authority – they only acknowledge the name of their Creator and our Savior, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Fiore states she often invokes the Holy Trinity and uses the sign of the cross, while promoting beliefs extremely contrary to Holy Scripture; therefore, I must assume this is only a talisman for her.I presume Fiore would claim that I am possessed based on my opinion of her work; however, I have a great deal of experience in spiritual warfare, including shockingly similar events to some cases she examples. Never were the possessing entities spirits of deceased people, but always demons pretending to be deceased people (of which no evidence was found they ever existed). She never once references background research on who these spirits claim to be (perhaps because she does not believe in them); just their random revelations of who they are, what their lives were like, and how they entered her patients. There is not evidence for one exampled case; meaning all of these so-called spirits were likely lying, and intense psychological therapy was based on these lies. This is extremely damaging to a patient who has come for help in a weak and deeply vulnerable state.I find this work very dangerous in the spiritual realm. It invites more demonic activity and demonic lies, which cure nothing, but accomplish a further weakened spiritual condition in the patient for more demons to take advantage. Example: her "trump card" is to tell spirits if they don't like "the Light" they can come back."Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first." --Matthew 12:45I have sought professional counseling while dealing with extreme spiritual--including possession--issues. I carefully questioned each counselor to determine their core beliefs before I agreed to therapy with them. I would never consider a therapist who used techniques just because they seemed to work, regardless of the validity of the technique, or, more importantly, the belief system behind it. It is bizarre to me that she bases so much of her work on notions she does not believe herself. Why would anyone work so hard to impress beliefs they do not personally believe?She claims she continues to use the technique, though not sure she believes in the existence of spirits or possession, because she sees positive changes and not negative ones. I disagree. If the patient is filled with false beliefs, they are spiritually weakened by these falsehoods. The spirit world is very real. Possession is very real, and I agree with some of her teaching that one should avoid damaging behavior including drugs, drunkenness, illicit sex--I would include sex outside of marriage--as well as spiritually damaging activities such as seances, ouiji boards, tarot cards, automatic writing, etc. But feeding false truths to people who do not know the truth is inevitably causing them far more harm than good.If encountering what you perceive as spirits, absolutely call on Jesus and His angels, pray, and if needed seek professional spiritual help from a reliable minister of Christ.Peace of Christ to you.

  • Jules
    2019-02-04 06:41

    Very informative

  • Kemila Zsange
    2019-01-31 08:45

    I just finished reading Dr. Edith Fiore's another fascinating clinical case book "The Unquiet Dead" - A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession, which was first publiced in 1987. This was really a frontier book of this kind, I mean, by a psychologist not a "psychic" - It's funny though, when I say a "psychologist", not a "psychic", it feels as if it gives more credibility as there's "science" component in it; but does it really? Dr. Fiore's spirit depossession work was based on hypotism, up till today, a lot of people still think hypnotism makes no difference from woowoo stuff.Nevertheless, Edith Fiore does have a doctorate degree and that makes her more scientific than a lot of us.I enjoyed reading the book very much. First foremost, this book is very entertaining, and well organized. It has six chapters for background introduction, 5 detailed case studies, followed by practical tools to detect and release on our own. It even provides protection script and ghostbusting scripts (one for "possessed" person and one for haunted house).Now before I go on, one of the things I feel uncomfortable with is the term "possession". I don't quite think it's right. If a person is possessed, by the definition of the word the person must be taken over by another entity, which was not the case with her patients. The entities attached themselves to the host body, causing the person mood sway, personality shift, drink, physical symptoms, strange behaviours, and in some cases, sexual orientation change... But the entity has not taken over (I doubt if it ever can take over) the entire body. At least the person is still conscious enough to seek for clinical help. Therefore today's terminology "Spirit Attachment" is much accurate.I am a clinical hypnotherapist, and I read this book after I stumbled upon a couple of spirit attachment cases myself in my practice. They led me to read books on this subjects, and "The Unquiet Dead" was one of them. Some other books have been written after Dr. Fiore's. I can imagine how courageous it must be fore Dr. Fiore to write and publish this book.Nowadays, when a client comes to my office saying things like "I'm not myself these days." "It's just not me!" "I don't know what got into me." or "I think I'm crazy." It always rings a bell in my mind, but I won't tell them my suspicions, which could serve as suggestions. Instead of me "diagnosing", I always let their subconscious mind to tell the stories - I know Dr. Fiore diagnosed and told her patients who is possessing them. This is actually another reason I gave this book a four star rather than five. Reading through this book I couldn't help but felt her clinical approach could be misleading. It always helps to hold all the suspicion until we are confirmed by a person's subconscious mind, or the entity itself in hypnosis.Nevetheless, this is a very enlightening book and I'm glad I have it in my library.

  • Gabriella Alexandra
    2019-01-27 09:29

    This was a very informative book, but it gave me the heebie-jeebies. What a creepy and strange idea! If it is true that spirits can possess people, then we need to take a closer look at our mental health system and diagnoses, as the author suggests. This could be groundbreaking information, if only more people paid attention to it! In total, I would say: read this at your own risk because you may incite fear into yourself, but also keep an open mind. The methods the author shares of "deposessing" spirits could be life-changing for you in a positive way.

  • Attila Benő
    2019-02-18 06:40

    Despite the three stars, the book is not bad. The reason for the three stars is that in my opinion this book is quite disturbing. There are many books about this topic that are much more readable and not quite as upsetting.

  • Stacy
    2019-02-09 09:40

    I think I have read this before, parts of it were very familair. But, it's an interesting read that opens the mind to new ideas.

  • Linda T.
    2019-01-21 07:31

    Dr. Fiore is an amazing practicioner as well as an amazing author. This book is fascinating.

  • Adebayo
    2019-02-09 02:43

    It is good but not as explanatory as Freeing the Captives. It fills in some missing pieces though to the latter book.

  • Jenn
    2019-02-11 03:22

    Excellent case studies of spirit possession. Highly recommend.

  • Shannon
    2019-02-09 02:51

    Came recommended after undergoing hypnosis *raises an eyebrow*

  • Else Byskov
    2019-02-08 04:42

    Super interesting cases of spirit walk ins.

  • Michelle
    2019-01-26 10:39

    An interesting look and theory from the viewpoint of a psychologist. It sounds like it would be strange but it is actually very interesting.

  • Heather
    2019-02-14 08:46

    Interesting concepts. I wouldn't want her to treat me necessarily, but I'm glad I read this author's work/about her work.

  • Liz
    2019-02-08 07:40

    Very interesting read but a times somewhat disturbing. I totally loved it!